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Who We Are

Offshore Companies House (OCH) is a professional offshore service provider for more than a decade and specialising in Offshore Private Foundation formation, low-cost Offshore Company registration (Offshore LLC and Offshore IBC) and Offshore Banking.

Our experienced professionals (lawyers, bankers, accountants) are carefully and continuously analysing available and emerging offshore tax havens and have selected those jurisdictions which offer the best opportunities and advantages to the clients.

In December 2020, long standing partners CCP Inc and OCH Ltd. underwent a merger in order to optimally serve the needs of their clients. The surviving company CCP Inc., will sustain and deliver clients the traditional high standard of service while maintaining the same competitive prices.

CCP Inc. will continue to serve customers with usual high standard, and provide offshore companies maintenance and new offshore company incorporation services at the same competitive prices.

What We Do

We have great experience with offshore banking and provides introductions to onshore and offshore banks which we represent and are the official agent of most. We offer banking in banks which are well established institutions and provide an online corporate offshore bank account, with offshore credit card or debit card, account can be operated internationally through the Internet, fax or phone. All offshore bank accounts can be opened via courier post.

Besides formation of regular offshore business and investment entities, such as International Business Company (IBC) and Offshore LLC in all of the above tax havens, we also offer Offshore Foundations in Belize, Nevis and Panama to protect your assets and investments. While incorporating an offshore company you may decide to place the shares of this company into an offshore foundation, this will be a great offshore asset protection strategy.

Our Services

We form US LLC, which when properly structured can be used in a similar way to an offshore corporation incorporated in a traditional tax haven. While USA LLC’s are not as good as a regular “company offshore”, for specific business and investment reasons they can be utilised as International Business Companies (IBCs) and in your circumstances be the right choice, so we offer this possibility.

We have many optional services from which a client may choose. Among the options, we have available for immediate use, offshore shelf companies including aged/vintage companies. None off the shelf offshore corporations have ever been in use and never held a bank account. In other words these companies are all 100% tax-free, clean and ready to open an offshore account of your choice.

We also offer nominee services, where directors or shareholders/members are provided by us, which means your name is not on official offshore corporate documentation or Goverment records, but you do retain full control over the offshore company via Declaration of Trust and Power of Attorney.

We recommend following offshore jurisdictions for offshore incorporation where one can maximize on tax savings and protect their assets; Belize, Dominica, Nevis, Seychelles and Panama.

When you decide on offshore incorporation, you need to complete the on-line questionaire form. While you are filling this uncomplicated form, you will find a wide range of investment, offshore business and offshore checking accounts along with other offshore services from which you can choose, to add to your offshore formation package.

We will provide you with an easy and low cost offshore incorporation and help to protect your assets and enjoy offshore banking.

Low Cost Confidential Offshore Services and Offshore Incorporating in the Most Efficient Manner!

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