At Offshore Companies House, we pride ourselves in representing the BEST Tax Havens that are available in the Caribbean, Americas, Europe and the Indian Ocean. We feature business structures from the UK which can be organized as low tax/tax free entities.

Best Tax Haven Countries

Offshore Jurisdictions which we offer are:

Anguilla IBC, Anguilla LLC, Anguilla Offshore Foundation
Offshore Tax Haven Anguilla
BVI Business Company
Offshore Tax Haven BVI
Dominica IBC
Offshore Tax Haven Dominica
Nevis IBC, Nevis LLC, Nevis Offshore Foundation
Offshore Tax Haven Nevis
Central America
Belize IBC, Belize Offshore Foundation
Tax Haven Belize
Panama Corporation, Panama Private Interest Foundation
Tax Haven Panama
Gibraltar Company
Tax Haven Gibraltar
UK Company, UK LLP
United Kingdom
North America
Delaware LLC, Oregon LLC
USA as an Offshore Haven
Indian Ocean
Seychelles IBC
Offshore Tax Haven Seychelles

The legislation which enables the formation of offshore companies and foundations in these offshore jurisdictions is progressive, and you pay zero tax.

International Business Company incorporation is provided in offshore tax havens Anguilla, Belize, BVI, Dominica, Gibraltar, Nevis, Panama and Seychelles.

Offshore Limited Liability Company formation is offered in offshore tax havens Anguilla, Nevis and for non-residents of the United States in Delaware and Oregon.

We also provide you with two types of business structures from the United Kingdom: the UK Limited Company (UK Ltd.) and the UK Limited Liability Partnership (UK LLP). The UK LLP is not subject to corporation taxes, and the UK Limited company is considered a low tax corporation (when compared to other EU states).

Offshore Foundations can be formed in tax havens Anguilla, Belize, Nevis and Panama.

Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) can be established in the United Kingdom.

Privacy and confidentiality and freedom from all taxes in these offshore havens are guaranteed, company and foundation structures are flexible and the process of incorporation is fast and efficient.

Incorporate in Tax Haven! Incorporate Your Wealth!